Development of custom ERP

What is an ERP?

​ ERP is the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which is enterprise resource planning.​ It is a business process management software that manages and integrates finance, supply chain,​ operations, reporting, manufacturing and human resources activities of a company. ​

Why is ERP essential for your business?

​ In order to remain competitive in the face of competition, it is essential to seek to modernize by entering the digital age.​ First of all, you should know that the development of a custom ERP by our service is a guaranteed return on investment.​ The ERPs we develop for our customers enable them today:​ to have a better organization, ​ saving time and money (decrease in foreclosures and therefore the number of errors, better responsiveness, better CRM management and increased revenue). ​

how ?

​ In Yaakadev, we merge all your business processes to improve collaboration,​ help your company make data-based decisions and maximize business productivity.​
​ Our modern ERP offers dashboards that give you an overview of your finances. So you can tap into real-time information anytime, anywhere.​ With the software, we help you reduce information entry by automating everyday tasks.​
Human Resources
​ Our modern solution offers you new opportunities to manage your company's data and simplify the management tasks of your employees such as pay, hiring, etc.​ You can also track employee performance and identify human resources issues before they occur.​
​ This module improves business communication, automates daily processes, and gives you the ability to meet customer needs and manage resources by accessing data in real time.​ This solution also optimizes project and cost management, as well as production planning. ​
Supply chain
​ If your company always enters the information manually and tries to track the stock in your warehouse,​ you can easily save time and money by automating these processes with this module!​

Our ERP can put you at the top of the pack. Not only does our software help you improve the performance of your employees,​ but it also offers opportunities to strengthen your customers' involvement!​

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