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Electronic Documents Manager (EDM)

Get rid of Excel for a tool that's right for you!

Why put in place a custom EMD?

  • To have a EMD that is 100% adapted to your organization and your business constraints (no extra functionality).
  • To have a simple-to-use EMD with a clean and clear interface.
  • To have a EMD that evolves according to your needs and growth.
  • To have a EMD where your employees will be involved from the moment it is designed


​ In Yaakadev, we travel to your company to better understand your job and the daily life of your employees.
​ We develop your EDM module by module to ensure that you meet 100% of your needs.
​ Finally, we optimize what can be optimized, automating all your redundant tasks:
  • Document generation (mail/ tables / summaries, ...)
  • Intelligent reminder (relaunch of a customer, budget overrun on a file, follow-up of subcontractors, ...)

More information

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